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    → Explanation

    It is used when long stroke is needed and installation site is small. In case wire chain is used for long hours, the abrasion and damage of wire occur but in case telescopic cylinder is used , it could be used without of repairing for long hours.

    Backward output movement is used as oil hydraulic pressure. So the posture and support form is free compared to those of single acting cylinder.

    Double acting type is used extensively to 2nd stage and single type is used for 3rd stage and more.The structure is complicated, so the cost of production is high. When using it, weight should not be affected to the end of 1st stage ram tube and attention should be paid not to cause asymmetric load between the stanchion and piston load.

    → Field of using

    Large size facility equipment for iron manufacture, large size oil-hydraulic press, Oil-hydraulic type compost sprinkler

    Hydraulic Cylinder Products

    Standard127 (Diameter tube) x 110 (pipe rod) x 2020 (s/t) x 1345 (mounting distance) 2step
    Cylinder2 Step Cylinder for Discharge
    Applied ModelTown Pack Truck
    Field of useSpecial purpose Vehicles

    Standard127 (Diameter tube) x 110 (pipe rod) x 2260 (s/t) x 1100 (mounting distance) 3step
    Cylinder3 Step Cylinder for Discharge
    Applied ModelFood Garbage Collection Truck
    Field of useSpecial purpose Vehicles

    Double-acting telescopic cylinder Apply the model

    Hydraulic Power pack

    Hydraulic Cylinder Feasible Product Details

    StructureDouble-acting Telescopic cylinder
    Body MaterialSteel
    Maximum Stroke3th stage 2,400 mm
    Shaft DiameterPipe Shaft 110 mm
    Mounting Distance1,500 mm
    Supply Ability2,500 Piece/pieces per Month
    Place of OriginSouth Korea