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    → Explanation

    It is used to repeat simple motion of rising and descending. In this case, it uses piston, wear resistance and durability are enhanced. The return cycle uses its own weight or other load.

    For small dumper truck, in which it is installed in a form of shaft center pitching like clevis-type or trunion-type and in compression field, it is laid on the bottom of dumper horizontally. When the dumper is empty, it can occasionally stop without completely going down.

    Therefore there are many models that adopt double-acting cylinder for small dumper truck. In case other load is used, spring is inserted in addition to its own weight. Its structure is simple. Sometimes there are cases to use double-acting piston cylinder as single acting by installing air extractor on one side.

    → Field of using

    Lift machine parking garage

    Hydraulic Cylinder Products

    Standard50 (Diameter tube) x 30 (rod) x 650 (stroke) x 1032 (mounting distance)
    CylinderLift cylinder
    Applied ModelLong-legged
    Field of useAgricultural Machinery

    Standard60 (Diameter tube) x 30 (rod) x 450 (stroke) x 600 (mounting distance)
    CylinderVertical rise cylinder
    Applied ModelFARM CART
    Field of useAgricultural Machinery

    Standard65 (Diameter tube) x 35 (rod) x 335 (stroke) x 485 (mounting distance)
    CylinderLift Cylinder
    Applied ModelSpeed Sprayer
    Field of useAgricultural Machinery

    Single-acting Piston cylinder Apply the model

    Medium-sized balers
    Hydraulic Power pack

    Medium-sized balers
    Speed Sprayer

    Hydraulic Cylinder Feasible Product Details

    StructureSingle acting Piston cylinder
    Body MaterialSteel
    Maximum Stroke1,800 mm
    Shaft DiameterShaft 80 mm
    Mounting Distance2,500 mm
    Supply Ability2,500 Piece/pieces per Month
    Place of OriginSouth Korea