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    [Sign] single acting ram cylinder section
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    → Explanation

    Single acting ram cylinders are simple and simplified oil pressure line reduces cost. The return cycle uses outside of weight.

    It is affected by buckling with no piston. So it is not suitable for long stroke. And by the packing is not used, some internal oil leakage may occurs, but it can play the role of shock absorber by sudden weight.

    Presently, the trend is to use oil hydraulic power pack which replaces the function of oil hydraulic tank + oil hydraulic pump + control valve + actuator in order to reduce cost. Moreover single-acting ram cylinder is mainly used in this case.

    → Field of using

    Manual oil hydraulic pump, oil hydraulic jack, oil hydraulic power pack

    Hydraulic Cylinder Products

    Standard45 (Diameter tube ) x 40 (rod) x 47 (stroke) x 220 (mounting distance)
    CylinderPickup Cylinder
    Applied ModelMedium-sized balers
    Field of useAgricultural Machinery

    Standard25 (Diameter tube) x 22 (rod) x 112 (stroke) x 220 (mounting distance)
    CylinderThe blade cylinder
    Applied ModelMedium-sized balers
    Field of useAgricultural Machinery

    Standard36.3 (Diameter tube) x 25 (rod) x 213 (S/T) x 370 (mounting distance)
    CylinderCylinder Pack
    Applied ModelHydraulic Power pack
    Field of useAgricultural Machinery

    Standard40.8 (Diameter tube) x 35 (rod) x 222 (S/T) x 350 (mounting distance)
    CylinderPower Steering Cylinder
    Applied ModelCompact Tractor
    Field of useAgricultural Machinery

    Single-acting Ram cylinder Apply the model

    Medium-sized balers
    Medium-sized balers
    Hydraulic Power pack
    Hydraulic Power pack

    Medium-sized balers
    Compact Tracktor

    Hydraulic Cylinder Feasible Product Details

    StructureSingle acting Ram cylinder
    Body MaterialSteel
    Maximum Stroke300 mm
    Shaft DiameterShaft 50 mm
    Mounting Distance700 mm
    Supply Ability3,000 Piece/pieces per Month
    Place of OriginSouth Korea